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Our plan, our breeding objective

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Glendemar is focused on breeding commercially profitable, self-replacing merinos. We have been early adapters of MERINOSELECT ASBV's, with 80% of progeny having full pedigrees we are able to compare ewes and rams genetically, as well as environmentally.

We are very excited to be one of the leading studs to adopt sheep genomics. Over the past 2 years we have a DNA tested over 100 young rams. We believe that sheep genomics will become a valuable tool to help us breed towards our breeding objective.

Glendemar aims to breed a highly efficient line of maternal ewes. With our EID system and recording of full pedigrees, as well as the use of ASBV's, we are able to track the individual performance of each ewe.

Having high lambing and the ability to join ewe lambs, has meant we, along with many of our clients, are selling large lines of younger ewes at above market prices.

Measured early growth and measured high muscle and fat, results in ewes that are ideal for self replacing merino flocks, or used as maternal breeders for prime lambs.

Glendemar sheep are well tested in a wide range of environments. Along with our Australian clients, Glendemar sheep are performing in South America countries, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the Falkland Island. All rams are paddock run, under commercial conditions, and are presented for sale straight out of the paddock.


  • High Fertility

  • Early Growth Rates

  • High Muscle and Fat

  • Ewe Lamb Joining's

  • Easy Care - Low Labour Inputs

  • High Value Wool

  • Regular Shearing

  • Non Mulesing

  • DNA Testing

  • ASBV's

  • Full EID System (Electronic Tags)

  • Commercial Focus

Don't miss our coming events.



2018 Glendemar MPM On-Property Ram Sale

Join us for our next sale, on Wednesday October 3, 2018. Held on property at 336 Glendemar Road, Marnoo.

Inspection of rams from 10:00am. Sale starts 3:00pm

Lunch is provided. We hope to see you there!

Download our 2018 Sale Catalogue soon  >

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